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Diaper Reviews

Find Out Which Baby Diapers Are Best For Your Baby With Our Diaper Reviews Written By Real Moms

There are so many brands of diapers out there to choose from how do you know which are the best? You could spend forever trying out every single brand of diaper you could get your handsa on, or you could simply take a look through our diaper brand reviews and make an educated decision on which brands to try out.

From experience I'll tell you that for each and every mom there is a different diaper that will work best for her, or for her child fro that matter. What is good for one child may not be so great for the next. But at least you can find out about some of the pros and cons, and get a sense of which brands will give you the most for your money.
Not only will the diapers vary from child to child, but also from girl to boy. I can tell you from experience. My two children are in separate brands of diapers although wearing the same exact size. My daughter will pee straight through the same brand my son can wear all night without a single wet spot. That same brand even gives my daughter hives on her backside if she wears them. Huh, go figure. :-)

I'd like to welcome you to browse through all of the different brands available on the market, but also to leave a review for those you have tried. We have employed a rating system so that we can all see which are the most highly rated among moms, but also a rating system to show the pros and cons of each brand.

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The Diaper Reviews

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Diaper Reviews:
Luv's Diapers
Luv's are the inexpensive rival to Huggies and Pampers. They feature the Bear Hug stretch to stretch to fit your baby, as well as the Luv's Guaranteed …

Target Brand Diapers - Up & Up 
If you are looking for a super affordable brand of diapers Target's Up & Up brand may be worth a try. They have been said to rival Huggies but at an affordable …

Baby Diaper Reviews:
Pamper Swaddlers New Baby Diapers
Pamper Swaddlers are a diaper formulated for preemies and newborns only. They feature a quilted backsheet, a notch in the waist for umbilical healing, …

Baby Diaper Reviews:
Costco Kirkland Signature Supreme Diapers
Kirkland diapers offer all around stretch, hypo-allergenic, super absorbency all at a low and affordable price. Also latex free with super soft cotton …

Baby Diaper Reviews:
Huggies Snug and Dry Diapers
 Not rated yet
Huggies Snug and Dry have an all around stretchiness that makes them super snuggly to baby's body. They also feature cute Mickey Mouse characters. …

Huggies Little Movers Not rated yet
Little Movers feature a customized contoured shape for added comfort to active babies. Leave Your Review Have an opinion about Little Movers …

Baby Diaper Reviews:
Huggies Little Snugglers
 Not rated yet
Little Snugglers have the U shaped waist band in front for help healing baby's little belly button, as well as a wetness indicator, and a pocketed back …

Baby Diaper Reviews:
Huggies Pure and Natural
 Not rated yet
Huggies Pure and Natural are a new natural baby diaper made with organic cotton, contains aloe and vitamin E, hypo-allergenic, and fragrance free. …

Baby Diaper Reviews:
Pampers Cruisers
 Not rated yet
The diaper for super active and on the move babies. Features Comfort-Fit and super stretchy sides. Leave Your Review Have you tried Pampers …

Baby Diaper Reviews:
Pampers Baby Dry Diapers
 Not rated yet
Baby Dry Diapers feature an Ulta Absorb core which makes them great for overnight usage as well as daily diapering. Diapers also have a Caterpillar-Flex …

Diaper Reviews:
Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive Diapers
 Not rated yet
Swaddlers Sensitive Diapers are much like the Pampers Swaddlers but are hypo-allergenic and super gentle to baby's soft skin. Available in preemie and …

Is there a brand of baby diapers you'd like to see here that we have not reviewed? Let us know and we will add it for you! merely shares thoughts and opinions on baby products and baby gift ideas and cannot be held liable. If you happen to be disatisfied with a product or gift you purchase please take any complaints or refund requests to the company or online store you purchased from. Thank You for Visiting!

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