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Diaper Bags

Choosing The Best Diaper Bag: Resources, Your Feedback, And Reviews
Every mom needs diaper bags. Finding the perfect baby bag is a feat all in itself. All mom's have a different kind of lifestyle and sense of personal style. The fabric type, appearance, number of pockets and size of the bag are all factors to weigh in on the journey to choosing the right bag.

With hundreds of baby bag manufacturers and designers out there, there is a lot to consider and much to choose from. I'd like to bring some of the best diaper bags to you and also invite you to leave some of your own feedback and experiences with the bags you have purchased in the past, as well as the stores and boutiques you've shopped online and in person.

Styles Of Diaper Bags

Shoulder Bag - The traditional style of baby bag. These are usually square in shape and feature numerous pockets for different baby items. These bags are desiged to be carried on the shoulder.

Baby Tote Bag - A smaller version of a diaper bag. Commonly used for very short outings or for older babies that do not need as many supplies to accommodate them outside of the home.

Messenger Bag - Messenger style bags are very similiar to shoulder style bags but are a more modern approach to a baby bag. They are meant to be worn slung over the shoulder across the front of the body with the bag in the back of your person.

Backpack - Backpack baby bags are basically a backpack modified to accommodate items you will need to carry with you for a baby, with appropriate pockets and compartments. This style of baby bag is popular a popular style for men to carry.

Sling - A sling baby bag is much the same as a backpack but with only one strap and meant to simply sling over one shoulder. The same kind of compartments and pockets are featured to accomodate several baby items and supplies.

What to Consider When Shopping?

1. Fabric - Is the bag going to be easy to clean? Does it wipe clean or can you toss it in the washer? Is the fabric durable?

2. Style - Does the appearance of the bag fit with your style? Does the structure fot with your lifestyle? Will it be big enough for all that you need to carry? Who will be carryingying it?

3. Pockets - Think about what you intend to carry in your baby's bag. Do all of the pockets the bag has to offer accommodate these things? Will there be enough room for it all? Is there an insulated pocket for keeping foods cool or warm? Pockets for bottles?

4. Straps - The straps on diaper bags are much more important than you would think. You will be carrying this bag everywhere you go, and it will be much more full than you probably expected! Make sure the bag you choose has thick, durable straps. You may want some nicely padded straps as well. Many bags now also have stroller straps which are a short strap on the bag made to hang from the stroller.

Bonus Features
5. Diaper Pad - Choosing a bag that has a diaper pad included is a huge plus. First of all, you WILL use this pad frequently on outings. In any public changing room you will want to lay your changing pad down onto those little tables that fold out of the wall. They are cold and uncomfortable, and many times not the cleanest are to rest your baby. Second, you may come across occasions where there is no place to change your baby but it simply cannot be avoided. Use the diaper pad! Howevere, if there is no diaper pad included do not fret. You can always buy your own and simply include it in the bag, or use a cushy thick baby blanket.

6. Pacifier Tote - not a real necessity but surely doesn't hurt if one is included. I always used one to keep an extra in, or to keep her binky clean. If they are not included you can always buy one to hang on the bag, or simply use a zip lock.

7. Wet Bag/Dirty Diaper Pouch - This item is always a plus, but I used mine a lot less than I thought I would. If you are cloth diapering it is a necessity to carry a wetbag. But when changing disposable diapers, 9 times out of 10, there is a trash receptacle nearby to dispose of the diaper.

8. Parent's Purse - I LOVED this feature in my baby bag. I absolutely did not want to have to carry my purse and a diaper bag at the same time. So I simplified what I would normally carry with me and brought it down to the basics, and used the parents pouch in my baby bag. Years later I still use it. I actually ended up transfering it to my purse after my daughter outgrew her diaper bag. Alas I am right back to it with baby #2, but still love that little pouch wallet thingy!

The Perfect Baby Shower Gift
A Baby Bag in itself is a great baby shower gift idea, but why not turn the bag into a gift basket? Find the perfect diaper bag and then fill it with everything a mom could want to carry in her baby's bag - from diapers and wipes, to a change of clothes, and even a bucnh of travel sized baby products. Check out our diaper bag checklist for some ideas of what to stuff in your diaper bag baby gift, and print out our template for creating handmade diaper bag tags while you're at it!

Choosing A Baby Bag
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  • Review Your Diaper Bag!

    I want to invite you to share your experiences, opinions, and tried and true wisdom about the bag your are currently using, or could not live without in the past. Heck, I even want to hear about the bags that you didn't like at all! Help out other Moms and expecting Mommas on their road to finding the perfect baby bag and leave your own bag reviews!

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