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Best Baby Shower Gifts

Which Gifts Do Mom's-to-be Really Want?
What are the most coveted, most practical, or simply the best baby shower gifts? We think we may have it covered, but by all means, if you've got something you think other moms or gift shoppers should know about, share it with us!

Share your best baby gifts, wish lists, or baby product reviews.

Top 10 Best Baby Gifts

#1. Diapers!

Yes tried and true, and OBVIOUS, but a poll of over a hundred moms all say that the diapers they received at their baby showers were a HUGE help. Baby shower guests and gift givers should remeber to buy multiple sizes or get diapers that are larger than the smallest newborn size. Many moms report that they received so many packs of diapers that the baby grew out of them before they could use them all.
Consider buying size 2 and 3 diapers. Wouldn't it be cool if the diaper companies sold multi packs of diapers just for baby showers and new moms? a 90 pack with 30 of each size! :-)

#2. The Perfect Diaper Bag

Yes, the ever useful diaper bag. These days there are so many styles of diaper bags it may be hard to choose. Those I polled said they like diaper bags that looked more like an oversized purse than a baby bag, so nix the winnie the pooh or baby print bag.
The ultimate diaper bag gift? Give the mom-to-be a diaper bag gift basket of sorts by filling the diaper bag with everything one could need for an outing with baby. A bag comlete with diapers, travel wipes, balmex or vaseline (all travel sized toiletries and such), a change of clothes, binky, formula, bottles, etc.

#3. Baby Carrier

A very useful gift indee, although so many to choose from these days. There are front carriers, ergo carriers, slings, maya wraps, I'm sure that is not all. I used a pouch style sling with both of my babies and breast fed them all while carrying them in it. LOVED the sling carrier. Each mom may find a different style suits their needs. Got a baby carrier you'd like to recommend? We'd love to hear about it!

#4. Natural Bath Products

It's a given that most women will receive some sort of baby bath products at their baby shower. The best baby shower gifts? Maybe if they happen to be all natural and/or organic products. It seems that these days they are even finding harmful ingredients in things like baby toys, diaper bags, and yes, even baby soap and bath products. It was not too long ago that I remember hearing about the traces of formaldehyde they found in Johnson and Johnson soaps. Keep baby safe and go with the all natural like Burts bee's. You can even find organic and handmade baby soaps in online marketplaces like Etsy and

#5. Boppy

I have to agree that this nifty little pillow is a life saver even if you do not intend to breastfeed. I used mine in breastfeeding but I also found that both of my babies absolutely loved being propped up on this pillow from day one. The shape of it keeps them completely safe from rolling, and helps promote neck strength. It can be used for tummy time excercise, and is great for when baby is learning to sit up on her own. They even have sleep pillows for Mamma and a ton of cute slip covers too.

#6. Baby Monitor

Yes this nifty gadget will come in very handy as soon as Mom and baby are home from the hospital. There are great inexpensive models that work like a charm, or you can even go high tech with wireless or video monitors.

#7. Clothes

Every Mom loves to get new baby clothes! Moms report that the most useful were clothes that were sized 0-3 months and larger. They also like soft and comfy clothing in cottons and fleece. Items like onesies and sleepers are very helpful. Stay away from teh super frilly dresses and dress up clothes unless there is a function they will need to dress the baby up for. Otherwise it gets worn once for 10 minutes and is then spit up on or taken off for comforts sake.

#6. Sleep Sacks

A great solution for keeping bay warm at night and during naptime while also reducing the threat of SIDS. With sleep sacks there is less of a need for using baby blankets reducing the risk of suffocation. Very affordable and practical!

#6. Baby Journal

For new moms especially, a baby journal or scrapbook kit is essential! For early in the pregnancy I recommend giving a pregnancy journal as a gift.

#6. Gifts For Mommy

For a bit of a unique gift that all Mom's-to-be will love, why not spoil the Mom herself? Best baby shower gifts for mom? A spa gift certificate for a prenatal massage is on the top of the list. Also, certificate for a pedicure, bath and body gift baskets, comfy maternity clothes, a maid service, or even food delivery service for after the baby is home.

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