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Baby Shower Gifts For Twins Your Resource For The Best And Most Unique Baby Shower Gifts For Twins

Many of us think buying for twin babies pretty much means simply buying two of everything. Well, in part, yes, that is true. The expecting mom and Dad will certainly need two of all of the basics! Twice as many diapers, twice as many onesies, blankets, and bottles! But if you want to give a truly unique, and thoughtful baby gift, you will want to think outside of the box.

Give the happy parents a baby shower gift to remember!

The Cute Gift

Personalized Onesies for Twins

Ever look at a set of twins and wonder how their parents can tell their twins apart? Personalized baby clothing of course! Well that's just one way the rest of us folks can tell.

Personalized onesies can be The perfect baby shower gifts for twins! They can be personalized with the baby's names, or if the parent have yet to settle on a name, customize them with the family's last name as a "double feature". Even better if the happy couple are film buffs!

Get creative! Personalized onesies do not have to be limited to names. Why not one set of pink onesies and one ste of blue for difefrent gendered twins. The onesies could say something like "Team Smith" on them.

They could say "baby #1" and "baby #2". "I'm older by a couple of minutes" and other silly "twins" messages! The gifts will be unique and put a smile on Mom and Dad's face!

A Fresh Pare

If you'd rather not risk getting anything personalized before the baby is born, why not go with a cute theme?! This "pare" of onesies is 100% organic and hand silk screened with water based inks. Get yous over at Urban Tot's, also at

Cute and Practical Baby Shower GIfts For Twins

Hands Free Feeding

Any little moment a mom of twins can grab to be hands free is valuable. Here is a way to give her a moment, or even two. We all know that as soon as one of the twins is being fed the other will decide he/she is hungry too! With a set of Podee baby bottles Mom can feed both babies at once, and gain some hands free time! If you have to find a useful and practical set of baby shower gifts for twins why not give the gift of mommy time!!

Twins shopping cart cover

So cute and super unique! This shopping cart cover is HANDMADE as well, which means guaranteed quality in my book. You can pick one of these up over at Paisley Pineapple at

Twins shopping cart cover

Even with only one baby to contend with a baby sling saved my life in the early stages of motherhood. I used my sling for grocery store trips, and doing light housework. I even used it to breastfeed in public pretty inconspicuously. And both my daughter and son LOVED their slings. It seems to be a consensus that parents of twins agree that the Maya Wrap Sling is the best, and is very convenient to have two on hand to carry both twins at once if need be. But I've also heard that even owning one sling can be great. For example, for a trip to the store, keeping one baby in their car seat to wheel around in the shopping cart, and the other in a sling. Makes great sense to me! Making these slings perfect baby shower gifts for twins!

The Life Saver Gift

We all love to give a cute baby shower gift. We love the baby shower eye candy. But if you want to give a gift that is super thoughtful and will elicit a sigh of relief from the mom and Dad, think a little outside of the box and try to put yourself in their shoes.

Diaper Service
Life will be so much easier if parents of twins did not have to worry about running out for diapers and other baby essentials. The more of their day to day responsibilities are taken care of the more of their time they can focus on their beautiful babies! Sign them up for a diaper delivery service and prepay for a few weeks worth of diapers to be delivered to their home in the weeks after they arrive home with their babies. Remmeber, they will probably have heaps of diapers in the house from the baby shower, their own planning, and not to mention, from the hospital. A good idea may be to purchase a gift card to an online store such as where they can choose which brand of diapers they would like to use as well as when to start the delivery service. This way they can wait until all of the other diapers are used up. Believ it or not, too many diapers in infant sizes can actually end up unused. With twins this may be different but it's better to be safe than sorry. I know that when I had my baby shower, I got so many infant sized diapers that by the time I was through 3/4 of them, my daughter grew out of them. It's best to let the parents control what sizes and when to buy them, then for it all to go to waste!
Are the happy couple cloth diapering? These days with so much eco-conscienceness going on, many parents are going this route. So don't forget the cloth diaper delivery service as well! You can find a service in your are by visiting The Real Diaper Industry Association.

Hire a Cleaning Service
The last thing a new Mom wants to think about it scrubby dirty dishes or mopping floors. Hiring a cleaning service to come a coupld times a week or even just weekly is a HUGE help during the first couple of weeks of adjustment. A gift like this catapults you to hero status in most any parent's book. :-)
My advice is to find a service in the area and buy a gift certificate to place in a card. Let the new Mom and Dad pick how to use it. Then they can choose which days fit their schedule best. A guaranteed winner!

Meal Delivery Service
When you are a parent of twins taking care of theose two new babies can be taxing and draining. Mammas of twins need to keep their energy up! A great way to help new parents of twins take care of themselves is with a meal delivery service.
Meal delivery services are a service in which you can have specific fresh cooked meals delivered to your home on a pre-ordered basis. Many of these services offer meals cooked y gourmet chefs. I would recommend checking out The meals are shipped to your door fresh in BPA free containers fully cooked and ready to re-heat. The meals on the menu are exquisite with selections such as Balsamico Glazed Chicken Breast with Red Wine Balsamic Reduction, Grilled Pork Loin Chops with fresh Rosemary Demi-Glace, and Pecan Crusted Salmon with Basil Pesto. A great baby shower gift for twins and a way to keep all of the bases covered by keeping the new parents fed!

Offer Your Services
A tried and true classic of baby shower gifts for twins and all babies alike - simply offer your help, and stick to it! Offer to cook, clean, or simply stand in to let the new Mom nap for a while. You could create some coupons for her to redeem for your services as a baby sitter, maid, or simply just a personal assistant to run errands and do some grocery shopping. Every little bit helps and the extra set of hands will provide big time relief for the new parents! merely shares thoughts and opinions on baby products and baby gift ideas and cannot be held liable. If you happen to be disatisfied with a product or gift you purchase please take any complaints or refund requests to the company or online store you purchased from. Thank You for Visiting!

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