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The Birth Of The Diaper Baker

by Angela Sternberg
(Lake Worth Florida)

I am asked quite often the notorious question of how The Diaper Baker was created. I would like to share the "birth" story....

Ten years ago I attended a baby shower where the mom-to-be received a diaper cake. It was a tower of diapers. I thought to myself "Now there's a gift that she REALLY needs". Diapers Diapers Diapers!!

A few years later my daughter found out she was pregnant with my very first grand-daughter. As a proud grandma-to-be, I wanted to give my daughter the most memorable baby shower EVER!! I went out and bought everything you can think baby clothes, socks, shoes, booties, hats, mittens, toys, teethers, rattles....and let's not forget the diapers!! You name it and I probably bought it!!

I decided I was going to create a diaper cake for my daughter's baby shower. I did it just as I had seen years prior at the shower I attended. As I placed the final tier of diapers on top of the cake I stepped back and thought to myself "Not the most ATTRACTIVE thing, now is it?" Yes, it's definitely useful, but very boring. It was then that I glanced down at all of the shopping bags I had accumulated filled with the items I mentioned earlier (bibs, socks, shoes, teethers, etc.) and thought "What if I could make a diaper cake FILLED with all of these items that radiated beauty???" My mind was racing with different thoughts and ideas. I wrapped the tiers of the cake with plush blankets and hooded towels, the top tier with burpcloths and washcloths. I placed an 8 oz bottle in the center of the diapers, holding the tiers together. I began adding on all of the items, plus more, and when all was said and done I had this absolutely adorable, beautiful diaper cake before me.

I placed it on the table as I began decorating for her baby shower. My younger daughter was the first to arrive and continuously complimented me on the CENTERPIECE I had made. Centerpiece???? Wow...she was right. Not only was this a unique gift, but it was a gorgeous centerpiece!! Two gifts in one! FANTASTIC!!

The guests started to arrive and one-by-one I was getting asked where the centerpiece was purchased from, where did I find such an exquisite gift, was that a cake made of diapers??? Everyone was amazed at my work!! My daughter was the last to arrive as it was a surprise shower for her. The look on her face was priceless when she saw the gift / centerpiece I had made for her. Tears filled up in her eyes with a smile ear-to-ear. I must admit as a mother, seeing your child (regardless of their age) that happy gives YOU complete joy.

I decided then and there that I wanted to give others the same feeling that we had....and The Diaper Baker was born!!

Thank You
Angie Sternberg

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